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You can find this tip from Sara here.

Guerilla gardening

In Phuket.

Urban Gardening filmtip

From Natacha:    

The story of Stuff

Here is the link to the nice “The story of Stuff” videos, that we already saw in the workshop…

What’s Wrong with Our Food System?

Here is a nice Infographix found by Tanja E.

Youtube-Tip from Sara

Here is a Film tip from Sara => Klick

Diary Annariikka Saturday and Sunday

On Satuday morning it felt kind of surreal that the week had gone so fast. It was time to evaluate the workshop. We started with the excursions, everyone got to express how they felt about the excursions and after that we had good discussion about some aspects of food and food production and values. After […]

Diary Annariikka Friday

The weather got really beautiful on Friday so it was a perfect day to make the trip to collect some wild herbs. We went to a park around a botanic garden somewhere in north Berlin, I think. It was great to go to pick up some herbs, because I also like to do that in […]

Diary Annariikka Thursday

Excursion day! First we headed to an organic bakery. It was a small bakery where they used traditional methods in making bread in wood-burning ovens, it was very nice. What was more impressive was that it was also an ecological community there and the bakery was a part of it. The place was very idyllic […]

Diary Annariikka Monday

On Wednesday we started the day by evaluating the workshop so far and discussing about it openly. I really liked the first half of the workshop and was also looking forward to new things ahead, because the latter part was going to be more excursions and different kind of action. After the evaluation Bela and […]